Awaken the senses with Infinity Des Lumières' latest exhibition: Raise Vibration - Gaudi, Kandinsky and Klee

DUBAI, 5th September 2022 -  Infinity des Lumières, in partnership with Fever, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated digital immersive exhibition Raise Vibration, devoted to the profound works of Gaudi, Kandinsky, and Klee. It is an experience of emotionally living the art by seeing and remarkably hearing. As music was more than an inspiration to the three artists, adding melodies to their work is more like indulging in a daydream.

Gaudi, Kandinsky, and Klee, were passionate about rhythms. The warm vibrations in their art captivated hearts and unified their work. These vibrations inspired Infinity des Lumières and the exhibition.

The multi-sensory exhibition is a space that takes the visitors’ spirits on a ferry to the emotional universe of the artists. A magical affair that mesmerizes the audience into a state where they can feel and co-create the beauty of the art.

Opening on September 23rd and split into three distinct exhibitions of 15-minutes each, Raise Vibration is an artistic explosion that combines legendary masterpieces and voluminous forms, highlighting the force of colourful abstractions and rhythms.

Gaudi: The Architect of Imaginary 

Between spirals, bright colors, and colossal and towering buildings, ‘Gaudi: The Architect of the Imaginary’ showcases the Catalan architect’s limitless creativity and bold projects. This immersive art exhibition will pay tribute to the ingenious architect via his modernist buildings that have now been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Using the interplay of light and art, Gaudi's work will take visitors on a journey that embraces dreams and reality, ranging from the Parc Güell, the Casa Batlló, and the Casa Milà to the Sagrada Família. The immersive space will explore a thematic and metaphysical landscape across its undulating facades and screens, illuminated with decorated motifs, and glass and ceramic mosaics intertwined with the magical sound of Gershwin’s musical curves as transferable energy. 

Kandinsky: The Odyssey of Abstraction

The second part of the exhibition dives into Russian painter and art theorist, Vassily Kandinsky's memories, Russian Folklore, and the country’s rich legendary capital. The 15-minute creation is composed of two distinctive parts, the artists’ figurative work and the advent of abstraction. 

An invitation to explore the artists’ inner intellect and perception, the immersive exhibition will exhibit Kandinsky’s figurative work, influenced by impressionism, oniric Fauvism, and, to some extent, pointillism, while the second part unveils the experimental force of movement through the rhythm of abstract forms and color. With works often described as “visual music”, Vassily Kandinsky’s significant artistic patterns reflect distinct pulses of music, a chromatic explosion that is connected to the sense of hearing and sight.  

The Odyssey of Abstraction is an invitation to the senses with a deep exploration of Kandinsky’s creation, the immersive exhibition disorients emotions, attaining abstract and liberated osmosis.

Paul Klee: Painting Music

The third and last part of the exhibition, takes visitors from an opera overture in an imaginary city to an underwater concerto amidst gold and multicolored fish, creating moving reflections of water and a rhythm of geometric structures. 

With corresponding pictorials and puppets accompanied by Papageno’s song, the immersive exhibition concludes an enchanting interlude that combines vibrational symphonies and art. 

Location & price details:

For adults, tickets purchased online are starting from AED110, or AED150 from the ticket office onsite, for children (aged between 3 to 17 years old), tickets are starting from AED70, and those below the age of 3 years old can enter for free, upon proof of age. 

The destination, located on level 2 of Dubai Mall opposite Galleries Lafayette, is open from Monday to Thursday, between 10 am – 10 pm, and from Friday to Sunday between 10 am – 11 pm. 

For more information or to book your tickets, please click on the link here:

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About Infinity des Lumières

Infinity des Lumières is the ultimate immersive digital art experience in the Middle East, and the biggest digital art venue in the GCC region. 

With 130 projectors and 58 speakers, in an impressive, 2,700 sq. meter venue within The Dubai Mall, it brings to life iconic and contemporary art through 85,000 frames. Its digital facade is the largest within the Dubai Mall - a magnificent art projection with a total display area of 200 square meters, accessible directly from the mall and open to everyone. 

After experiencing the infinitely imaginative exhibitions, discover a world of refined taste and sophisticated culture in the infinity des Lumières’ Boutique, an immersive experience of its own. The store carries a collection of prestigious art-inspired design and cultural brands including Freywille jewellery, inspirational Ligne blanche porcelain, innovative Lumio lamps and luxurious Assouline books, fusing iconic masterpieces, contemporary art, and innovative design.

Whether you are looking to purchase a refined gift or browse the shelves, take the wonder of Infinity des Lumières with you.

As the regional epicentre of pioneering cultural expression, Infinity des Lumières provides infinite possibilities to be at the centre of art, fully immersed and connected to it. 

About Fever

تُعد فيفر إحدى المنصات العالمية الرائدة والمتخصصة في مجال الفعاليات الترفيهية الحية، حيث تتيح للملايين منذ عام 2014 استكشاف أفضل التجارب في المدن التي يقيمون فيها. وتهدف المنصة إلى نشر التجارب الثقافية والترفيهية، وتلهم المستخدمين للاستمتاع بالتجارب والفعاليات المحلية الفريدة، بدءاً من المعارض الغامرة والتجارب المسرحية التفاعلية والمهرجانات الرائدة، ووصولاً إلى الفعاليات الترفيهية المتنوعة، كما تزود المبدعين بالبيانات والتكنولوجيا اللازمة لتصميم التجارب المبتكرة وتقديمها في مختلف أنحاء العالم.

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