Her Majesty the Queen requests your presence at the event of the season, as Netflix’s hit series from Shondaland is brought to life in Secret Cinema with Fever presents Bridgerton

Opening 16th February 2022 at a secret location in Wembley, London. Tickets to the ball, a ball like no other, are on sale now at secretbridgertonball.com. Prices start at £39 + booking fee

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London, January 27 - You are cordially invited to a secret location in Wembley, London, for the event of the season, the one ball of the year where anything goes. Inspired by Bridgerton, the global sensation and hit series from Netflix and Shondaland, this fan experience will open on 16th February and is presented by Secret Cinema and Fever.

The Ton are abuzz with the latest announcement that Her Majesty will mark the start of the social season with a ball like no other. Guests will be immersed in Regency-era London and acquainted with familiar characters from the series, reliving much-loved moments from the hit series. Throughout the event, guests must collect charms to curry favour with the queen and prove their worthiness to Her Majesty, in a bid to be named the evening’s Incomparable. 

Prior to arriving at this most scandalous ball, attendees  can choose their own path, title and backstory, and hone the skills needed for a successful debut into high society. Each member of The Ton will be invited to a virtual establishment, known as Lady Whistledown’s Finishing School, where they can master the art of skillfully manoeuvring through the social season. 

Once at the ball, the main attraction of the evening is, naturally, the dance floor. Side rooms will prepare guests with dance classes, choir practice, delicious food and enticing liqueurs. A string quartet, playing throughout the evening, will bring the ballroom to life with re-imagined pop classics. Each guest will have a dance card which must be filled with partners of choice for an evening of exuberant dancing - exchanging love tokens on the happy conclusion of a dance. Fear not, if aiming to be the diamond in society’s crown is not your calling, all tastes will be catered for. Away from the Queen’s prying eye are life drawing rooms, cards, dice activities and curious distractions to make of what you will.

For those interested in the moving pictures of the future, the night will feature The Lumiere Brothers’ Incredible Moving Light Show in the ballroom, where guests will mingle with their favourite characters as they move through projected images and relive their favourite Bridgerton moments. 

And remember dear reader, what happens at the ball, stays at the ball… 


Matt Costain, Creative Director of Secret Cinema presents Bridgerton with Fever, said: “Re-imagining the stunning world of the Netflix and Shondaland hit series Bridgerton and conjuring up Regency era London has been a pleasure. From casting and costumes, to soundtrack and set design, Bridgerton has pushed boundaries and we’re excited to take this even further by bringing the scandalous world to life. This is an immersive experience that marries 1800s London with modern day special effects, while characters from Bridgerton move freely through the world, interacting with guests. Working with our production partners Fever, we’ve created a ball that will play out uniquely for each individual guest. Whether you wish to observe as part of The Ton, pose in the artist’s den, train at the boxing club or take centre stage on the dancefloor, there’s something for everyone.” 

Ignacio Bachiller, CEO, Fever, said: “We love surprising people with new experiences and unique formats. Bridgerton was one of the hottest TV hits of 2020 and we can’t wait to see fans sign up to make a successful debut into (im)polite society.”

Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences, Netflix, said: “Shondaland transported Bridgerton viewers into the Regency era in a way that was so splendidly immersive and delightful, we all felt we were there. As fans continue to seek more ways to experience this magnificent world, we are excited to bring the ball to life with the fine touch of our partners Secret Cinema and Fever. An unforgettable evening, this grand live event is emblematic of the authentic and unique ways we are looking to expand the Bridgerton-verse.” 

Sandie Bailey, Shondaland Chief Design and Digital Media Officer, said: “Shondaland fans have always been passionate about the content we create and consistently look for ways to engage with our content across different platforms and experiences. The Bridgerton fanbase has been fully immersed in every detail of this series since its launch, so we’re excited to partner with Netflix, Secret Cinema and Fever to offer fans an opportunity to experience the beauty and glamour of our reimagined world.”  

Co-produced by Secret Cinema, the creative pioneers of immersive storytelling, and Fever, the leading entertainment discovery platform, Secret Cinema presents Bridgerton with Fever is the second collaboration between Netflix, Secret Cinema, and Fever.


Location: Secret Location to be announced soon.

Dates: From 16th of February

Tickets: Tickets to Secret Cinema presents Bridgerton with Fever are on sale now at secretbridgertonball.com. Prices start at £39 + booking fee.

Visuals: Sneak preview here. Images available in our mediakit.

About Secret Cinema 

Secret Cinema are the global pioneers of immersive storytelling. Created by Fabien Riggall in 2007, Secret Cinema has revolutionised the way audiences experience culture and nightlife. The audience become characters in richly imagined, immersive worlds. From grassroots film screenings in abandoned London buildings, to outdoor festivals and large scale productions in vacant and abandoned spaces, Secret Cinema has regenerated entire areas it has staged its productions in.


At Secret Cinema, the boundaries between performers and audience, set and reality, are constantly shifting. These experiences explore one of the forgotten pleasures in a time with constant access to information: secrets. Fusing music, art, theatre, and dance, Secret Cinema creates unique spaces for social encounters, adventures and discoveries where the world’s greatest films and TV adaptations come to life and satisfies a desire to fill the void left by an over-saturated technological world.

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BRIDGERTON: © 2021 Netflix.  All rights reserved.  BRIDGERTON and Netflix marks ™ Netflix.  Shondaland mark ™ Shondaland.   Used with permission. 

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