“The Fans Strike Back: The Largest Star Wars Fan Exhibition” comes to NYC this Spring

Featuring over 600 official items from the Star Wars Universe collected by fans and displayed for fans

Tickets are available for purchase now

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New York, March 24, 2022 - The Fans Strike Back: The Largest Star Wars Fan Exhibition is coming to NYC this month. Fans of one of the world’s most beloved franchise will be immersed in the saga like never before, as they explore the largest private collection of official Star Wars items assembled by some of  the most dedicated enthusiasts across the globe.

This epic exhibition will showcase over 600 unique Star Wars collectable items including life-size figures, models, one-of-a-kind sculptures, figurines, photos, posters and costumes - all official objects purchased by fans of the space opera. The Fans Strike Back combines over 40 years of passionate work to transport guests to the iconic Star Wars universe, and give aficionados an up-close and personal look into the galaxy far, far away. 

The Fans Strike Back: The Largest Star Wars Fan Exhibition is brought to life by EMS Entertainment, which has produced over 22 themed blockbuster exhibitions that have amassed more than 15 millions visitors worldwide in 78 cities, and Exhibition Hub, which has produced more than 70 immersive experiences around the world, reaching more than six million visitors.

Through hundreds of displays of fan- provided items spanning decades, green chroma photo capabilities, and an on site merchandise shop, the experience will unite Star Wars fans of all ages, from the youngest Padawan to the wisest Jedi master. 


The Fans Strike Back: The Largest Star Wars Fan Exhibition will run from March 24 through June 2022 at 526 6th Ave., New York, NY 10011.

Tickets are available here with prices starting from $19.90 for children and $29.50 for adults.

Photos can be downloaded here.

About EMS Entertainment:

EMS ENTERTAINMENT is a global producer of interactive attractions developing, building and promoting themed blockbuster exhibits for museums, theme parks, shopping malls, entertainment groups and independent promoters. Originally founded by Christoph Rahofer, this organization of creative and innovative staff is a global leader in touring and location based entertainment.


About Exhibition Hub:

Exhibition Hub is a curator, producer and distributor of large exhibitions across the world, from Brazil to China to Paris to Moscow. They deliver edutainment experiences to wide audiences and adapt their productions to the venue creating each time an original experience from museums, exhibition centres, galleries to shopping malls, old churches, historical buildings and other unique spots.

Nowadays, Exhibition Hub focuses more and more on immersive experiences. They offer a spectacular 360° video, light and music experience and a one of a kind virtual reality experiences each a compliment to the immersive experiences, didactic introduction galleries allowing the visitor to immerse himself/herself into the artist before experiencing the spectacular larger than life projections all synchronized to an original score of music.

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