The Louvre’s World-renowned Art Collection Re-envisioned is Making its way to Chicago

This summer, Chicago will be welcoming an interactive, unique exhibition that will feature reimagined masterpieces from the world’s largest and most impressive museum 

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Chicago, June 6 - Starting July 15 and onwards, Chicago residents are invited to admire the Louvre’s priceless art collection reimagined with masterpieces from the likes of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and David’s Oath of the Horatii. Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition is making its world premiere in Chicago and  presenting art in an interactive, never-before-seen way. 

Step into the world’s most visited museum, housing some of the best-known art, without ever leaving Chicago or the country. Fever, the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform, in collaboration with SEE Entertainment, one of the finest organizers in themed exhibitions, is bringing over 70 of the Louvre’s masterpieces in an innovative and interactive way to Oakbrook Center. Visitors can see the art wonders come alive through augmented reality, three dimensional recreations, projection mapping and hands-on interactive features.

Art fanatics, historians and many others have debated whether Mona Lisa smiles in her portrait painting or not. Now, in the exhibit presenting this artwork reimagined, which has often been described as “the best known, most visited, most parodied and most written and sung about” piece of art in the world, visitors can decide for themselves whether they can make out a smile.

Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition is brought to you by the same creators of the immersive Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition and The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits”, who are experts in designing new dynamic ways to praise timeless art using cutting-edge technology. Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition presents a new 360º way of appreciating art, ideal for art and culture enthusiasts of all ages. Having re-envisioned the awe and wonder of several of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements, this traveling exhibit brings a new perspective to the Louvre’s famous treasures.  

The experience lasts around 90 minutes. Tickets can be purchased through Fever’s marketplace, starting at $22 for children, and $33 for adults. 

Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition

Location: 2120 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523

Date: From July, 2022

Tickets: Available on Fever’s marketplace.

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The SEE™ Family of Companies represents the finest in themed entertainment. Working with major Hollywood studios, record companies, sports franchises and legendary individuals, SEE has become the one source for truly great, immersive entertainment. SEE is led by President Martin Biallas, a Hollywood veteran of 30 years. For more info, please visit: and

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