Chicago Welcomes the First-Ever Body Language: A Series of World-Class Dance

Starting September, a diverse line-up of dance, seen up-close, is taking place at Chicago’s Chopin Theatre

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Chicago, August 3 - Fever, the leading global discovery platform for unique experiences, launches another Original series in their mission to democratize access to culture and live-entertainment. Body Language takes guests to intimate shows of the best dance genres from across the world, starting this September at Chicago’s Chopin Theatre.

This new range of artistic offerings has guests comfortably lounging along a catwalk stage to be amazed by the up-close dance performances taking place a few feet away. Body Language offers a variety of shows that demonstrate everything from Hip Hop Fusion and African Drums to Dance Show Downs, Drag Dance Pageants and Indian Dance. Each show is a culturally enriching experience, highlighting the vibrancy and liveliness of performing arts traditions from as far as India and West Africa in Chicago. The performances all feature local artists from different backgrounds specializing in these genres of dance. 

The Ayodele Drum and Dance company celebrates Ayodele, a sisterhood of empowered women who heal through art and are passionate about strengthening women in our communities- Ayodele, a Yoruba word meaning joy in the home. They share their passion and knowledge through the healing power of the African Drum and Dance, which is an energetic and vibrant tradition from across the West African diaspora. 

Chicago Dance Crash will perform an epic dance battle ‘Keeper of the Floor’, in which guests become the judges. Chicago’s best breakers, ballerinas and acrobates compete for the Golden Title Belt, hosted by the legendary Mattrick Swayze and the Swayzettes. In their mission to emphasize both athleticism and accessibility, the Crash crew’s shows are most notably recognized by their combination of contemporary, breakdance, and hip hop techniques.

Mandala South Asian Performing Arts brings Indian Dance and Music to Chopin Theatre, connecting audiences while transcending differences through showcasing traditional Indian performing arts heritage of joyful dances and music. This culturally enriching experience showcases expertly skilled artists sharing South Asian traditions from the Himalayan ranges to the Indian Ocean. 

Chicago’s very own Redd’s Angelz crew pushes limits and wows audiences with their Hip-Hop Dance Fusion. With creative expression as the main motivation behind Chicago’s ongoing legacy of this genre, this Body Language edition by Redd’s Angelz promotes the love of art and dance on the Body Language catwalk.

AJA Talent puts Body Language’s catwalk to good use with award-winning talent and queens from Chicago’s drag scene participating in a live pageant competition. This drag dance extravaganza has these iconic divas lip-syncing, twirling, and putting on a show for guests to be blown away by.

The historic Chopin Theatre opened in March 1918 and has the goal of promoting enlightened civic discourse through a diverse range of artistic theater, literary, music, film and social events. Body Language fits this principle with the various unique culturally enriching dances from across the world. This Fever Original series is curated by Benjamin Holliday Wardell, a dance professional with 21 years of experience as a performer and many other roles involved with dance production.


Location: Chopin Theatre, 1543 W Division St., 60642

Dates: Starting September, various dates and times

Tickets: Available now on Fever’s marketplace here.

Visuals: Images available on our media kit.

Body Language: Keeper of the Floor Live Dance Competition - Performers: Chicago Dance Crash

Body Language: Hip-Hop Dance Fusion Performance  - Performers: Redd’s Angelz

Body Language: African Drum and Dance Performance - Performers: Ayodele Drum and Dance

Body Language: Indian Dance and Music Showcase - Performers: Mandala South Asian Performing Arts

Body Language: Drag Dance Extravaganza - Performers: AJA Talent

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