Stockholm hosts unique musical experiences that reimagine classical genre and celebrate Spanish cultural heritage

Known for helping millions of people find the best experiences in their cities, Fever expands its portfolio in Stockholm with a varied offer of Candlelight concerts and new We Call it Flamenco show 

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Stockholm, 11 June 2024 - Fever, the live-entertainment discovery platform known for helping millions of people find the best experiences in their cities, announces the upcoming programming of Candlelight Concerts in Stockholm and a new Fever original: We Call it Flamenco, a captivating dive into the heart of Spanish culture.

Following its success since its launch in the city in December 2021, the Candlelight concerts have illuminated several iconic venues such as Musikaliska Kvarteret, Cirkus and Brygghuset. They will continue to light up the city with thousands of candles to present unique performances spanning from tributes to Hans Zimmer, Coldplay, Queen, Vivaldi and more in the next months. This live multisensory musical experience aims at democratizing the access to classical music by inviting a broader audience that may have never considered a classical music concert before to connect with the most iconic pieces of the greatest composers and listen to the top hits of well-known, contemporary artists in a reimagined way. 

From September 14th, Fever will bring a new original experience to Stockholm. We Call it Flamenco brings to the forefront the rich heritage of flamenco, the Spanish art form that seamlessly weaves together singing, music, traditional dance and most importantly: pure emotion. In a one-hour performance, the audience will experience the unfiltered expression of passion and emotions, delving into six of the fifty distinct flamenco styles, each inherently carrying a specific emotion, known as "palos". These will be brought to life by an ensemble of professionals, including dancers, musicians, and singers, all under the direction of María Farelo and Cristian Pérez.

Check out the upcoming programming in Stockholm below: 


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Candlelight: A Tribute to Coldplay

Venue: Musikaliska Kvarteret

Date and time: 15 June at 18:00

Tickets: available in the Fever app or the website from 320 kr.

Candlelight: Best of Hans Zimmer

Venue: Musikaliska Kvarteret

Dates and times: 15 June at 20:45 and 13 July at 19:00

Tickets: available in the Fever app or the website from 320 kr.


Imagery available here

We Call It Flamenco: A Unique Spanish Dance Show

Location: Secret location to be announced soon.

Date and times: 14 September at 18:30 and 20:45

Tickets: available in the Fever app or the website from 320 kr.

Artists: to be announced soon

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