Fever Expands Offerings with “Fever for Business” for Corporate Events

Fever for Business Offers Tailored Event Solutions to Enhance Corporate Engagement and Employee Experiences

May 2024 — Fever, the leading entertainment discovery platform, has announced the launch of Fever For Business, a new service specifically designed to transform corporate event planning. With this platform, Fever will make all its know-how available to corporate partners, responding to the increasing demand for unique, memorable business events.

As the global workforce continues to adapt to new dynamics, and after receiving a plethora of business and private-event inquiries from companies worldwide, Fever recognized an increasing need for larger group and company activities. 

The company's commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences led to the creation of Fever For Business, which provides businesses with a gateway to a world of curated private sessions and customized group experiences. With Fever's expertise and various entertainment offerings, including the globally popular Candlelight series, the customization options are endless. The fan-favourite concert offers the most flexibility options through music and venue selections, making it one of Fever’s most sought-after private experiences.

With a presence in over 150 major cities across 25 countries, Fever for Business promises to elevate corporate engagement to new heights. From corporate networking events aimed at top clients to fun team-building initiatives, the platform boasts a staggering 100,000 events worldwide, ensuring that businesses have access to a diverse range of options for their teams and clients.


Key Features of Fever for Business:

Bespoke Event Curation:

- Fever collaborates with companies to craft unique experiences tailored to their preferences.

- Recommends the best group events in your city, ensuring a personalized touch for every occasion.

Perks for Teams:

- Enjoy a 30% discount for your employees across the entire Fever platform.

- Boost team engagement and satisfaction with no additional burden on your HR team.

Gift Cards for Unforgettable Experiences:

- Reward and treat employees, clients, or partners with customizable gift cards.

- Easy redemption process for hassle-free enjoyment of curated experiences.

Key Benefits of Choosing Fever for Business:

- Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Elevate workplace satisfaction and retention rates by offering unique and memorable experiences to your team.

- Diverse Range of Amazing Events: Access to a vast array of events, ensuring there's something for every taste and preference.

- Effortless Team Building: Simplify team-building efforts with carefully curated experiences that foster collaboration and camaraderie.

- Worldwide Presence: Leverage Fever's global network to provide unparalleled experiences to your teams and clients, regardless of location.

Over 170,000 companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500, have already embraced Fever's innovative solutions. Fever for Business is poised to become an indispensable tool for companies looking to enhance employee engagement, inspire clients, and cultivate partnerships through unforgettable experiences.

About Fever

Fever is the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform which has helped millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities since 2014. With a mission to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life through its platform, Fever inspires users to enjoy unique local experiences and events, from immersive exhibitions, interactive theatrical experiences, and festivals to molecular cocktail pop-ups, while empowering creators with data and technology to create and expand experiences across the world.

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